Holiday Hurdles

Alrighty friends! Time to get real.

Were you on track with your diet and exercise regime? Then what happened? I can tell you… Thanksgiving!! I am not exempt from falling off the wagon. I definitely wore my stretchy “eating pants” to Thanksgiving dinner. I didn’t regret a single bite. Then I got to thinking… how we can enjoy ourselves without destroying ourselves?


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Everyone deserves a break!

I’ve been going strong with my diet and exercise for 2 weeks. Then.. I decided to take a night off! Trust me. At first, I felt like I was throwing away everything that I had been working on. Then I realized, IT’S OK!!

My night off consisted of deep fried cheese bites. The deliciousness was out of this world! As well as a few adult beverages and a some good live music.

My friends, Sacred Road Country Band are awesome! A very talented group and wonderful people! I love watching them perform! So much energy! Find them on reverbnation!


I also met the lovely and talented Amy Taylor!


Photo cred: Reverbnation. I don’t want to be in trouble! 🙂

So, I took a day off from working out. I didn’t eat like I should of but I had a GREAT time! Remember that wellness is a whole body inside/out concept, not just the number on the scale.

A quick healthy lunch

I am a meal planner. I like the organization of meal planning. I can plan breakfast, dinners and snacks but I am a complete failure at planning lunches! Quick clarification, I can plan everyone else’s lunch but somehow I’m lost as to what I should eat.

I found a solution. This quick salad is great because it doesn’t require a lot of fuss and only a few ingredients.

All you need:

A handfull of fresh spinach. Read about the health benefits of spinach here.

one tomato

1/2 an avocado. Here are the health benefits of avocados.

Salt/Pepper to taste(watch the salt folks. Use sparingly)


Chop it all up and, VIOLA! A quick salad that is delicious and nutritious!


 “I’m strong to the finish cuz I eats me spinach. I’m Popeye the sailor man! Toot toot!”

An Insane idea

I’ve started a new challenge that I want to share. I hope that by sharing my thoughts and struggles you will, a.) keep me accountable and b.) push yourself try something new.

I’m sure that you have all heard of the workout program called Insanity. It is just as the title implies it is… INSANE! I thought to myself when I started ” how bad could it be?”. High intensity exercise for 1 min at a time? I can handle that… HA! I crack myself up!

I’ve attempted this challenge before and didn’t make it through the whole 60 days. I made it through 3 weeks and gave up. I was feeling discouraged and frustrated.

So, naturally I wanted to try again?

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Mirror mirror on the wall…

I had a thought…

What do you see when you look in the mirror? (If you just say your reflection, you’re a funny one.)

How would you describe yourself? What kinds of words would you use? Would you nit pick at the parts you didn’t like?

Here’s what brought on my thoughts. I passed by the mirror the other day and my first thought was, “ugh”. Yes, folks “ugh” was what I used to describe what I saw in the mirror. As I continued on throughout my day, that”ugh” feeling stayed with me.

Then I realized…what if I could change the way I see myself? Could I change how I FEEL about myself?

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Healthy pumpkin pie shake goodness

I have an obsession with all things pumpkin.  I may or may not have been first in line when Starbucks told us they released their pumpkin spice latte early. #PSL!!

Pumpkin=fall and fall means trip to the pumpkin patch, boots and cozy sweaters. As well as, adorable pics of kids in fuzzy pumpkin outfits.


This is my sweet pumpkin when she was a baby.

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Fitting in your workouts with a busy schedule

I hope you got a chance to see my other post on jean shopping. If you didn’t and need to be reminded how wonderful you are, click here.

Did I mention…



I’m not sure about everyone else but we (yes, that includes my kids) have been sleeping in all summer. It’s been glorious!

Now that school has started it has been a little bit of a struggle to try and find a good routine. I applaud the moms who are up before their kids and are in the drop off line with makeup and hair done. I think you may be super human but you look wonderful all the same!  I… am not that mom 🙂 I get to the drop off line in my yoga pants and coffee cup in hand. Can I get an amen for yoga pants?!

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