Here’s my story


Howdy folks! Welcome to Wellness by Mellie! I have created this blog to help inspire others to choose wellness  for a well balanced life. My posts will be about life, kids, love, food, health and everything in between. Wellness is so much more than what you eat. It’s about how you feel physically and mentally. By choosing wellness, you will see a happier healthier you! You will soon realize when you make conscious healthy choices that you become more than the number on the scale.
Quick disclaimer- I am not a doctor. I just want to share my tips and knowledge that I have gained through my own personal journey. You are MORE!

So here’s my story… 

I have always struggled with body image. I had always thought I was “fat” and really wasn’t. This became more of mental state than reality. But I continued on. Food was food and I love/loved to eat! I never considered portion sizes, calories etc.

Here I am pre marriage and pre kids. I thought I was "fat"!

Here I am pre marriage and pre kids. I thought I was “fat”!

When I got married I realized what a horrible cook I was. Gone where the days of PB&J! This led to a lot of eating out, breakfast tacos, BBQ and tex mex. I claimed it was “happy fat” from being happily married and comfortable. Just a side note, we should of been having dinner at home since we couldn’t really afford to eat out. I would say that eating out was straining financially which led to stress and stress eating. The cycle is vicious. Financial wellness, keep it in mind.

Anywhoo, a few years roll by and baby #1 arrives. Wohoo! I had some very unrealistic expectations for my body after my son was born. I did not bounce back. Pregnancy was not easy or kind to me. I was happy but also very stressed. He was just so small. I was constantly afraid that he was going to break, new mom syndrome 🙂 People kept telling me “take care of yourself”, “make time for you”. Honestly, I felt selfish even THINKING about doing something for myself.  I just immersed myself into motherhood and scooted my needs to the back burner.


Fast forward a few years and I’m still carrying the weight from my first baby when…baby #2 arrives!


Baby #2 on the way and deep fried oreos. I won’t deny their goodness.

When my daughter was about a year old I hit rock bottom. I was cranky and unhappy with myself. I had headaches every day. I became a person I didn’t even recognize anymore. I knew something had to change. By making my health a priority I allowed myself to become a better mother and wife. No one was benefitting from a cranky pants mom. So I took control of my health.  In June 2011 I started a program called Medifast. It was not easy but well worth it. I ate 5 meals a day(they provided) and one meal of a lean and green. Using this program is how I lost the first 40 pounds. I also learned how to take control of my health by choosing the right foods. Once the weight came off I turned into a whole new person. I was finally happy with myself and you could see that I was changed inside and out.


I was finally able to exercise. I started to walk and the walk turned into a slow jog and the jog turned into a run.  With exercise I was able to lose another 10 pounds brining my total to 50 pounds! I also added a product called spark. It makes you super focused and gives your energy without jitters. I love to drink it before I run!



This post was way longer than I mean it to be. In the end wellness is something that needs to be worked on every day. I still struggle at times but I know that I will NOT let myself revert to the unhappy person I used to be.


Make the choice! Choose to work on you!

Until next time!



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