Got kids? Watch out for extra calories.

Got kids? Frustrated why you can’t seem to lose weight? I have some information that you might find useful.


It was a normal day. My kids running a muck and I was going in a million different directions. When my kids finished their lunch I started to clean up. While on the way to the sink I snacked on what they had left and I was like whoa…

How many MORE calories do moms eat? I know we’ve all done it at some point and time. You eat that last piece of pop tart they left on their plate or they lovingly share a fruit snack or two with you. How about when they fall asleep with that last bite of donut in their sticky hands and you quietly take it from them and devour it? No one? Yup. I just confessed. I took a donut from a sleeping child. Truth time.


Take a guess at how many more calories moms eat.

I was thinking around 400.

Apparently, according to a study done by the University of Minnesota, moms eat an extra 386 calories a day. It also showed that moms are less active after they have children. This stat is easy to believe. I remember a time when my kids were babies and I all I could when they were asleep was stare at the wall in a zombie like state.

The next piece I want to discuss is how to handle these extra calories we are consuming.

1. We can quit eating of their plates. This is hard. I tried it the other day. It’s almost like it’s second nature to finish what they didn’t. It can be done with conscious decisions and mind over matter. I’m going to have to re-train my brain.

2. We could only give our kids the healthy options. I would love if this could be a reality but in truth, kids are funny and picky. Teaching them how to pick the right foods is a key part of laying the foundation for wellness. Eventually they’ll catch on. Lead by example.

3. Work out. And by work out, I don’t mean you have to be Sweatin to the Oldies with Richard Simmons every night. I mean, take family walks after before/dinner or ride bikes etc.

Combine these three solutions and you should see those extra 386 calories go down the drain!

Now, I’m off to find a way to hide chicken in my daughters food because she won’t eat meat!

Good luck!




2 thoughts on “Got kids? Watch out for extra calories.

  1. I was raised to “clean my plate” which I’m guessing is because we didn’t have a lot of money. I still clean my plate and I feel really guilty throwing away food. But I think to retrain the brain I need to realize that eating too much will cost me more in medical bills in the future.

    • Jenny,
      Thanks for reminding me! I was also raised that way. We always had to clean our plate and were made to stay at the table until we had. Now days its said that restaurants serve us three times the amount of food that we are supposed to consume. Yet, we are still trained to finish it all. Which leads to over eating and weight gain. Portion size is so important!

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