Mirror mirror on the wall…

I had a thought…

What do you see when you look in the mirror? (If you just say your reflection, you’re a funny one.)

How would you describe yourself? What kinds of words would you use? Would you nit pick at the parts you didn’t like?

Here’s what brought on my thoughts. I passed by the mirror the other day and my first thought was, “ugh”. Yes, folks “ugh” was what I used to describe what I saw in the mirror. As I continued on throughout my day, that”ugh” feeling stayed with me.

Then I realized…what if I could change the way I see myself? Could I change how I FEEL about myself?

Body image starts from the inside. You are a perfect creation just the way you are. Starting today, look in the mirror and change how you see yourself. Let your inner beauty shine on the outside. The world wants to see!

You are strong.

You are resilient. You sacrifice. You are smart.

You forgive. You embrace. You love unconditionally.

You are tender and held tiny miracles in your arms.

YOU are more than just your physical features.

You are beautiful. Remember that.


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