An Insane idea

I’ve started a new challenge that I want to share. I hope that by sharing my thoughts and struggles you will, a.) keep me accountable and b.) push yourself try something new.

I’m sure that you have all heard of the workout program called Insanity. It is just as the title implies it is… INSANE! I thought to myself when I started ” how bad could it be?”. High intensity exercise for 1 min at a time? I can handle that… HA! I crack myself up!

I’ve attempted this challenge before and didn’t make it through the whole 60 days. I made it through 3 weeks and gave up. I was feeling discouraged and frustrated.

So, naturally I wanted to try again?

This time, I have all of you to share it with. I don’t want anyone else to give up like I did. I have a few tips to help you get started! You’re welcome! 🙂

Ladies- get a tight fitting sports bra. There is a lot of jumping and jiggling, more jiggling than anything else.  You should have something close to an iron grip on your “ladies”. Trust me. No one wants a black eye from jumping around.

Clear a space- you’r going to want enough room to  move. Stepping on a toy in the middle of your workout is kind of mood killer and hurts.

Headphones- once your in the routine and know what exercise is coming next, grab headphones and crank up the music. It’s better than hearing yourself breath heavy. You will breath heavy. Drowning it out helps.

Feeling like that specific exercise is too hard?-modify it. I have a hard time with any exercise where I touch the floor and come back. It makes me dizzy, so I modify it. If you really can’t do it then have a random dance break! I do this anyways.

It’s ok if you need to stop or slow down. YOU are not Shaun T or any of his minions. You have your own level of fitness. Go at your own pace and take water breaks when you need them.
The first time around I struggled because I wanted to do it at the same level at Shaun T. I was so angry that I couldn’t. Then I realized that I am at different level of physical activity and that’s ok. I need to focus on me and not whether or not I can keep up.

Get a sweat towel- I have never sweated in my life. I only GLISTEN. I ran a half marathon and didn’t sweat like I do during Insanity. Get a sweat towel and keep it close.


Protein powder- is very important. It makes the world of difference after your workout. Make sure you are eating enough protein and drinking a recovery shake. Like this one.

Committing to a 60 day challenge is kinda freaking me out but I know it’s what I need to do.

Your challenge- find a fitness routine that works for you and stick to it. Tell a friend, tell the world but do it for YOU!


5 thoughts on “An Insane idea

  1. I am loving your blog Melissa! You are so funny! I have been eating clean and lost 11 pounds, just enough to feel ready to try adding fitness back in. I will probably start with cardio and strength training but you are definitely inspiring me to challenge myself!

  2. Yours is a physical challenge and I’ve taken a similar challenge, it is insane but not physical. Do you know what? I’m learning Japanese on my own 😀 in a month. Like you said – push yourself. I think blogging about it everyday, helps. You feel like you have to keep up to the expectation of your audience and you work.

    Apart from that, I’m not sure if I can post a link here. But you MUST search “how bad do you want it” on youtube and watch that video. It is 5:51 in length.

    All the best for your challenge.

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