Time to mix it up!

Today we’re going to chat about meals. Get ready. You may not like what I’m about to ask you to do.

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself:

Do you eat breakfast? Are you too busy? Or does the thought of eating when you wake up make you feel sick?

If you skip breakfast, do you over eat at lunch because you are so stinking hungry?

Do you skip lunch all together? Are too busy at work to eat? Do you eat at your desk? In the car?

How many of you have a larger dinner because it’s the last meal of the day?

Lastly, do you late night snack? And if you do, what is your choice of late night snack? Taco Bell calls it the 4th meal for a reason.

So, how would you feel if I asked you change how you go about your meals??? Don’t get mad!

Here we go! Let’s change it up!

Breakfast is important! Starting your day with food that fuels your body will  make you less likely to over eat at lunch and give you more energy. If you are too busy to prepare breakfast then take some steps to ready your breakfast the night before. Often times, I have chopped my omelet ingredients the night before and then just added the eggs in the morning. It takes minutes. It shaves off a few extra while you stare at the coffee maker praying for the first pot to get done brewing.

The Huffington Post says 31 millions Americans skip breakfast every day. That’s a whole lot of breakfast that is NOT being eaten. 31 million Americans that are tired and cranky around lunch time. Sad times. You do not want to cross me if I haven’t eaten. It’s not pretty.

Lunch – if you don’t skip breakfast, good for you! You’re probably doing ok by lunch time. You’re probably hungry but will not over eat because you are starving. Take your time folks! If you’re on the go, make sure that your food is nutritious and going to give you the energy you need to finish your day. If you can, sit down and enjoy your meal. Slow down, chew your food and take sips of water in between bites.

Dinner – I don’t know why dinner is our largest meal of the day. Think about it. We eat our largest meal and then a few hours later lay down to go to sleep!!  That heavy meal you just had is laying down with you for the next 8 hours (if you’re lucky).

Make dinner a lighter meal.

Make breakfast or lunch one of the larger meals you have during the day. This way your body can work at burning calories and using the fuel you’ve given it.

My rule – don’t eat past 8:00 p.m. I find that if I’m “hungry” after 8, it’s usually out of boredom. I have a tendency to eat my feelings and boredom gets me every time. Be aware of the time and your choices.

It’s also ok to snack in between meals as long as the snack is a healthy one. I love a piece of wheat toast, peanut butter and a banana with a drizzle of honey.

I also eat a snack/meal every 2 hours. It keeps your metabolism going and you don’t feel hungry.

Here’s the new section of my blog – My Insanity update! A section I like to call…

“Sweaty Selfies”


Insanity- week 1 and week 2

Week two has been equally as difficult as week one but I am noticing results. I have NO upper body strength and my core is non existent. But today I was able to do some decent upper body exercises! WOHOO!

All I am asking is that you make healthy choices in your every day life. What you put in is going to be what comes out.

Eat like crud=feel like crud


4 thoughts on “Time to mix it up!

  1. LOL! I love your facial expressions in your photos! They crack me up =) Sweaty selfies are an awesome title! Thanks for the tips!

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