Holiday Hurdles

Alrighty friends! Time to get real.

Were you on track with your diet and exercise regime? Then what happened? I can tell you… Thanksgiving!! I am not exempt from falling off the wagon. I definitely wore my stretchy “eating pants” to Thanksgiving dinner. I didn’t regret a single bite. Then I got to thinking… how we can enjoy ourselves without destroying ourselves?


So, here are a few ways you can enjoy yourself and not be the weirdo at the party who is on a diet.

1. Take smaller portions. Portion control is so important. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach and next thing you know there isn’t any room left on my plate. Definitely not a good situation. If you can try to load up on the healthy options if there are any to be had.

2. Drink water in between bites. I recommend drinking a gallon of water a day regardless of the season. Taking drinks in-between bites will help make you feel full. We all know that water is good for us, don’t be afraid! H2O!

3. Exercise! If you know you’re going to be out a holiday party till late be sure to get your activity in. Advocare has a great 24 min exercise video. You have 24 mins? I have 24 mins! Find the time. This video is great because it has three levels you can participate at; beginner, intermediate and advanced. So if you need to modify or move down a level you can without feeling like you’re compromising your workout. I am a pretty solid intermediate. I lack upper body strength in general but I can feel a difference when I do my workouts.

4. Remember it’s ok to have a “time out”. Just make sure that you are not undoing everything that you have worked for. A piece of pie, a glass of wine, a yummy treat is ok to have. You will feel better and more apt to forgive yourself if your aware of your choices.

Now, if you know that the holidays are just going to be a time of indulgence( thats ok too) then make sure you look into a program for the post holiday season. It doesn’t have to be a new years resolution. Any time is a good time to get a hold on your health.

Look into the 24 day challenge! 

Email me or comment if you have any questions!


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