My Favorite Products

Spark Energy Drink

Advocare’s Spark is an amazing product! I feel so much better throughout my day when I’m able to drink my spark! Vitamins & caffeine keep you energized and feeling alert and there is no jittery feeling. All of the flavors are great, I personally like the pink lemonade the best. For the best results I mix a scoop of spark with warm water and stir. Then I add lots of ice and cold water! For about a buck and a quarter a cup its much cheaper than a Starbucks coffee and more nutritious too! I swear by this product as do many professional athletes.

AdvoCare Slam®

Whether you are a college student, a professional driver,
an employee with a deadline or just a person on a road trip who needs to stay awake and focused, Slam is the perfect choice when quick, convenient results are a must.

Portland Running Company

This place is great when you are trying to find a pair of running shoes. Their staff is always friendly and they have a ton of different shoe options. They’ll watch your natural walk/run motion and recommend a great pair of shoes. If the shoes don’t work out, they are excellent to work with on returning them.

Nike+ Running App

A great app that includes GPS tracking of your runs, nikeplusaudio feedback and cheers from your friends. An indispensable tool for me to be able to see my running progress. I wouldn’t have been nearly as motivated without this app! Running not only makes you feel better physically but helps clear your mind too!


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