Holiday Hurdles

Alrighty friends! Time to get real.

Were you on track with your diet and exercise regime? Then what happened? I can tell you… Thanksgiving!! I am not exempt from falling off the wagon. I definitely wore my stretchy “eating pants” to Thanksgiving dinner. I didn’t regret a single bite. Then I got to thinking… how we can enjoy ourselves without destroying ourselves?


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An Insane idea

I’ve started a new challenge that I want to share. I hope that by sharing my thoughts and struggles you will, a.) keep me accountable and b.) push yourself try something new.

I’m sure that you have all heard of the workout program called Insanity. It is just as the title implies it is… INSANE! I thought to myself when I started ” how bad could it be?”. High intensity exercise for 1 min at a time? I can handle that… HA! I crack myself up!

I’ve attempted this challenge before and didn’t make it through the whole 60 days. I made it through 3 weeks and gave up. I was feeling discouraged and frustrated.

So, naturally I wanted to try again?

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Healthy pumpkin pie shake goodness

I have an obsession with all things pumpkin.  I may or may not have been first in line when Starbucks told us they released their pumpkin spice latte early. #PSL!!

Pumpkin=fall and fall means trip to the pumpkin patch, boots and cozy sweaters. As well as, adorable pics of kids in fuzzy pumpkin outfits.


This is my sweet pumpkin when she was a baby.

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